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A desperate plea from a North American ELF

Good day/evening/morning~ I hope a lot of ELFs see this, and like or reblog it if you want to join in or help. ^^

As you all might have read on AllKpop.com, they said that Super Junior’s SS4 tour is done. AKP isn’t always reliable source, but just in case I think it’s best we team up so our SJ Oppas and SMEnt. knows that not only North American, but South American ELFs want an SS4. Maybe we can trend something on Twitter if we get enough people, then we can send it to our oppas in a screenshot. If they get enough, SM might just want to release an official statement.

But this all depends on how many ELFs are up to the task. I can’t talk about when/what to trend until I know for a fact that international ELFs are willing to help. We need ELFs from anywhere and everywhere willing to help N. Amer. and S. Amer. ELFs. So please…let’s spread the word on other social networks like Tumblr and Twitter and help each other out? :D

With Love,
A North American ELF~ ♥♡♥♡